Our elite squad focuses on business agility outcomes supporting you to lead yourself, lead your teams and lead your business.

Stephanie BySouth, our Managing Director and Enterprise Business Agility Expert started Authentika Agile to serve business leaders, professional teams and enterprise transformation programs that truely want to be high performing

“when one is truely authentic, there is no competition”.

Authentika Agile is all about leveraging the power of authenticity in people, practices and business.

We value;

  • outcomes over methodology
  • sustainable benefits over pop words
  • loving what we do, with people we like
  • learning pragmatically over education schemes
  • diversity of thought, people and innovation

Our squad brings;

  • Enterprise Agile Transformation Experience
  • Business Ownership Insights
  • Leading International Programs of work
  • Decades of agile pains and gains

Our Modes of engagement;

  • Agile Training Certifications
  • Agile Transformation Advisory
  • Agile Coaching; Business, Leaders and Teams
  • Agile Diversity; Scrum, Kanban, Agile Product Lifecycle, Business Agility, Leadership Agile, Agile Product Management, Collaborative Leadership…etc ..


Authentika Agile is the Agile Product Brand of Authentika Pty Ltd.