Our service model is shaped on the basic principles of business; you are either part of the product delivery lifecycle generating validated returns or you are part of the ecosystem that exists to generate better product delivery returns.

Having an ‘agile business’ mindset is different to other consultancies who approach agile transformation from the delivery line out. The levers of an organisational mindset are a greater determinate of businesses success than the velocity of one team. The productivity of many teams, and the return on their product outcomes is the holistic focus of business agility.

Business Agility will pull from multiple methodologies in addition to agile;

  • Design Thinking & UX
  • Lean Startup
  • Outcome Driven Innovation (Product Management)
  • Learning Organisation
  • Systems Thinking
  • Lean Product Delivery
  • Lean Business

For a presentation of the benefits of business agility, business agility leadership and our team, reach out to support@authentika.com.au

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