agile-tracks-09-1Enjoy a collaborative learning experience to boost your productivity, culture and product outcomes. This two day foundational course provides a holistic curriculum where you will gain an understanding of the mindset, values and core practices of agile including; Scrum, Kanban and collaborative management.


Certification:   Successful Completion of this course qualifies you for the IC-Agile Professional Certificate.


Prerequisites: There are no certified prerequisites for this course.

Duration: 2 days

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand, explain and apply the agile values and agile principles
  • Gain insight to creating productivity through Collaborative Management
  • Able to explain the scrum practice, roles and purpose
  • Foundational skills for being productive with Kanban Visual Management
  • Understand user driven requirements; discovery, user stories, acceptance criteria
  • Learn to create and manage a continuous backlog of work
  • Shape a framework for continuous improvement with an agile mindset

Bookings: We provide both public classes for individuals and private for professional teams.

More Information:


Brochure: Agile Fundamentals Training Brochure


Successful completion of this course will enable you to become a ‘Certified ICAgile Professional’.

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More About the Certification:

Agile Fundamentals emphasises that Agile is a mindset, not a single methodology or framework.

The ICP’s learning objectives focus on the agile mindset, values, principles and foundational concepts. They are grounded in what it means to be agile and achieve organisational agility without specific focus on any single agile methodology or framework (i.e. Scrum, XP, DSDM, SAFe, etc.)

Upon earning this certification, the student will understand the history of agile, the importance of “being” as well as “doing” agile, key aspects of value-driven development, adaptive planning techniques, and how to cultivate collaboration with customers, within organisations and within teams. Students will also have gained the vocabulary to discuss the benefits of agile and how to avoid common pitfalls with fellow agile practitioners. In addition, accredited ICP courses focus on helping the student understand the value of continuous feedback, learning, and adaptation for products, processes, teams, and organisations.