Coaching Problems!

coaching problems

Here’s a summary from the recent conversation on problems independent agile coaches are experiencing.

Purpose:To capture, share and learn about problems Independent contract agile coaches are experiencing.
People: Independent contract agile coaches and those who hire, recommend or support them.
– Warm welcome
– Open share of problems
— I’ll have trello or poll anywhere ready for us so we can capture and prioritise which ones to dive on
Time allows;
– Create a shared hypothesis focused on improving / eliminating prioritised problem(s)
– invite experimenters to have a go & to agree a follow up time
Team Chat
Next Session:
Chris will be hosting our next session “time with the team” from Vietnam.
20th September 1200 AEST

Agile Manifesto Handouts

The Agile Manifesto is a statement of agile and principles created in 2001. Originally designed with bettering the way software development is worked. Today the Manifesto as an inspiration, a conversation guide, a reflection tool and business behaviours guide. It was smartly constructed as a set of values, and principles so as to be agnostic of how people prescribed these in their life.

Enjoy these A4 Agile Values and Agile Principles handout with your teams, your colleagues and take time with them yourself. What do these mean to you? Would you like to embody these values in your workplace?

Agile Manifesto Values Handout

Agile Principles Handout